Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lost seal

Lost seal.mp3

Some music for the sea.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I Love Rår

I Love Rår.mp3

The best song in the universe! This is the first unfinished track I'm uploading like this. Feel free to comment.

Homepage makeover!

Hello everybody!

I've done a complete makeover of my site.

The idea is to make it easier to update and more interactive to you the visitors.
Instead of a BBS I've linked everything to this blog so you can comment on my all works.

I'm also going to post a lot more stuff I'm working on, especially clips from songs I'm writing.

I've finished most of the basic functionality on the site, but the graphics are far from finished.
More on that later.

Rår Clog Gallery

Some hand painted Rår-clogs

Rår Plush Gallery

See my attempts so sew a Rår plushie. To be continued.

Sitting qeshi

Acrylic painting


Acrylic on paper. Fan art from Bubble Symphony.

Rår gets a letter

Rår the baby lion gets a letter!

Rår and Ryk

Rår the baby lion and Ryk the baby dragon finds something strange hidden in the grass.

Rår the baby lion

A cute film about the baby lion Rår. かわいいライオンロール

Taiga & Miruku

A lovely day in Taiga and Miruku's life.

En visualisering av döden

En visualisering av döden

Jonas är rädd för ballonger

Jonas är rädd för ballonger
A short film about jonas and his phobia.

The Eudemonic Homunculus

  1. Moshi moshi qeshi (5.7 MB)
  2. Islanddryad (6.3 MB)
  3. Nightly hedped promenade (5.3 MB)
  4. Tulip lilt (4.0 MB)
  5. Kumo (4.6 MB)
  6. Take care of your onaka (4.6 MB)
  7. Seijin o asobe (5.0 MB)
  8. Nattskimmerfly (6.7 MB)
  9. Vilda och delfinen (5.7 MB)